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Management services

Are you looking for an English speaking French accountant to guide you through our complex tax and social laws system ? We are used to help English speaking foreigners start a business in France, and assist with personal or corporate tax, legal and payroll issues.

Substantial and expert advice and assistance
– legal front office for problems or conflicts
– thorough legal information and fiscal tips
– excellent network with important local players of different specialization
– Expert guidance during the purchase stage.

Legal, financial and administrative services and support
– légal support
– best fiscal solutions for donations to future heirs
– help in finding the best insurance and introduction at reliable banks
– Attending to all French formalities in case of a decease.

Expert traduction and information
– traduction services
– général information for foreigners
– short listing of suppliers.

We are available for an appointment to explain all about the possibilities for advice, our legal expertise and our much appreciated support in service of full enjoyment of your property.

Administrative services
– Verification of punctual payments to public utility companies
– Payment of invoice out of your personal current account at XQ-Services
– Representation at general assemblies of owners associations.

Surveillance of and services for your other valuable assets
– Car import with all necessary formalities
– Maintenance of your boat by our preferred partners
– Shortlist and introduction of other service providers
– Inspection and regular reports of progress.

Introduction and general information for foreigners
– Assistance in contracting with insurance companies and introduction at banks
– Assistance and support while visiting interior decorators
– General practical information for foreigners.

We are available for an appointment to explain all about the possibilities for advice, our legal expertise and our much appreciated support in service of full enjoyment of your property.

In constant relation with the company’s management bodies, our firm provides rapid and reliable services as well as constant advice in all matters crucial to the life of your company. We are directly involved in the your strategy for success and work alongside you to help you transform your company into a dynamic enterprise catering to the needs of its customers.

– Assistance
– Outsourcing the administrative
– Appraisals and company valuations

As a franco-british business, it is fair to say you will regularly be trading between pounds sterling and euro. In recognition of the poor exchange rates usually offered by the banks, we have decided to partner with Moneycorp to give you access to commercial foreign exchange rates and expert guidance on all transactions. Moneycorp have been trading currency for over 30 years and are the largest commercial provider of non-bank foreign exchange services in the UK. As one of the most respected companies in this sector, they have a reputation for first class customer service, leading-edge technology and outstanding value for money. TTT Moneycorp Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the provision of payment services and holds a 4A 1 Dun & Bradstreet credit rating.

What are the benefits of using Moneycorp?
– More competitive exchange rates than your bank
– Expert dealing services to plan you currency payments to get the best rate
– Wide range of hedging products to reduce currency exposure
– Advanced online system
– Ability to run multiple currency accounts for free
– Credit facilities available subject to terms

Please click here to find out more or alternatively click the button below to open a no cost, no-obligation trading facility with Moneycorp.


The payroll is an important item of expenditure and the increasingly complex regulations governing this aspect of a company’s management requires the intervention of experts. The services we provide are designed to free you as much as possible from these constraints.

– Outsourcing of payroll function
– SME payroll services
– Labour relations consulting services
– Additional services

Rentabilité de l’entreprise
– Budget prévisionnel de frais généraux
– Budget prévisionnel global
– Etude des marges
– Etude de coût de revient
– Détermination du seuil de rentabilité
– Tableau de bord

Découvrez notre « Tableau de bord flash » !
Il s’agit d’un système de gestion simple et facile à exploiter.
Il se présente sous la forme d’un tableau de bord établi mensuellement ou trimestriellement.
Cet outil consiste en un « flash d’informations » établi à partir d’un budget annuel élaboré ensemble.
Ainsi nous nous engageons à mettre à votre disposition un tableau de bord lisible et complet, mais surtout adapté à votre entreprise, et conçu spécifiquement en fonction de vos propres critères et objectifs.

Gestion de trésorerie
– Plan de trésorerie
– Gestion de trésorerie

Thanks to our financial expertise, we can design the tools and analyses needed for coherent
and productive decision-making.
Our firm will enable you to track your enterprise day by day, to seize the right opportunities according to your financial resources and to negotiate efficiently the various grants or subsidies to which you might be entitled.
We can also provide aid and assistance in steering your enterprise.

– General management
– Financial management
– Your intermediary with your financial partners
– Asset management
– Management consulting
– Exporting

In our capacity as your company’s auditors, our firm will be intimately acquainted with your operating methods
and, because of our local presence, we will be able to help you capitalise on all your potential, identify new needs
and help you implement appropriate solutions.

– General organisation
– Administrative organisation
– Implementation of proprietary computer system

Our firm provides expertise in all areas of law – and in particular business, company and tax laws. Our staff and partners in the legal profession will help you determine the legal form best suited to your needs and the most tax efficient type of transaction, they will also help you negotiate key contracts as and when needed.

– Business law
– Company law
– Tax
– Environment
– Legal services

Spécial wishes

We can also introduce you to several service providers specialized in working for foreigners.